Membership in The Catholic Benefits Association (CBA) is open to all Catholic employers who want to provide health coverage consistent with Catholic values through a self-funded insurance plan.

Any nonprofit employer shall satisfy the requirement of being Catholic if it is either listed in the current edition of "The Official Catholic Directory," or the CBA’s Secretary or her designee makes such a determination.

For-profit employers can become CBA members if (i) Catholics (or trusts or other entities wholly controlled by Catholics) own 51 percent or more of employer; (ii) 51 percent or more of the members of the employer’s governing body, if any, is comprised of Catholics; and (iii) either the employer’s owners or governing body has adopted a written policy stating that the employer is committed to providing no benefits to the employer’s employees or independent contractors inconsistent with Catholic values.

All members are required to keep current on their dues and temporary litigation fees.

There are separate applications for nonprofit members and for-profit members. Please complete either the
Nonprofit Employer Application for Membership in the Catholic Benefits Association 
or the
For Profit Employer Application for Membership in the Catholic Benefits Association.